fiberUniversitycommunications, fiber optic cable manufacturers Is a fully certified and insured electric contractor offering telecommunications infrastructure services for small to big-scale projects. Our committed body of workers specializes inside the design, installation and upkeep for each inside and outside plant cabling in addition to area of expertise structures which include paging, intercom and CCTV. Let our qualified team of designers and estimators assist you to define your particular necessities at the same time as preserving a value effective budget. Once onsite, our assignment management group’s understanding will preserve the set up on agenda, while our licensed technicians and installers guarantees a easy very last product that meets and plays to contemporary industry requirements.

With a commitment to providing cost effective answers, first-class workmanship and advanced customer service, universitycommunications is your relied on supply for telecommunications infrastructure services.

We offer Fiber Optic Cabling and the subsequent telecommunications infrastructure services:

  • Design Services
  • VOIP Business Telephone Systems
  • Business Office Phone Systems
  • Voice Over IP Phone Systems For Business
  • Business Voip Phone Service Providers
  • Business Telephone Service Provider
  • Business Phone System Companies
  • Low Voltage Wiring Contractors
  • Low Voltage Landscape Wire Connectors
  • Low Voltage Lighting Wire
  • CCTV Equipment and Accessories
  • Wireless Transmission

The business landscape of today is changing constantly. Structured, up-to-date network cable, simplified adaptability and future-proof capabilities require technological progress.

Moving optical fiber? The structure of Universitycommunications fiber comes with standardized network cables. You require fiber cabling that can withstand the time test in an constantly changing business landscape. Do not allow an obsolete cable system to keep you from adapting to new network advances. Technology travels at lightning speeds and your cable options should be like that.

Proof your network cable with Universitycommunications Fiber standardized, up-to-date, adaptable and streamlined fiber cable. Universitycommunications Fiber, a favorite standardized network cabling construction company in MD, makes sure you have reliable and top quality fiber cabling solutions that are customized to your current and future needs in Frederick, Hagerstown, Chambersburg, Harrisburg and the rest of Maryland & Pennsylvania.

We believe in the value, power, and network infrastructure of sophisticated fiber optic wiring. Universitycommunications fibers can provide you with high quality cabling work in a timely way–if your company requires an up-to-date cabling solution, brand new fiber-optic network capabilities or flexible splicing to current network cabling.

Our highly qualified, professional technicians even manage to reduce downtime and interface production during the peak hours. No other structured cable company can provide you with the same quality and service level at a better price than Universitycommunications Fiber.

Contact us now to learn how to upgrade to fiber optic from the traditional copper cabling system.

Is your copper cabling system having problems? Go optic fiber with secure cable!

To pick optical fiber cable? Here are five sound reasons

#1 if you currently use a traditional copper wiring network, you know that it will cause damage. If you do this, you know you are vulnerable.

#2 On the other hand, a fiber optic cabling network is very long lasting. Reduced downtime means increased efficiency. The cabling is not generated by EMI, ensuring there is no electrical current flowing through the core of the system.

#3 Less Interference with Fiber Optic Cable Connection Fiber optic cables does not conduct electrical electricity, unlike copper cables. There is no other wire parallel to your network which needs to be dealt with.

#4 Less signal loss When using A Fiber Optic Cable Network Copper cables are more likely than other fiber optic cables to deliver a poorer signal.

#5 the transmission of Faster Optic Cables Faster than conventional cable data via a fiber optic cable system is almost at a light speed, ensuring the sending and reception of information on your network as soon as possible.