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University communications provide closed-circuit television instrumentality additionally as its installation throughout the space for over sixteen years. Our commissioned technicians have put in security cameras for personal homes, business areas and government facilities.

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Benefits of obtaining your CCTV installed by us.

  • Fully trained and authorized CCTV Installers
  • The California leading CCTV merchant
  • Buy your CCTV kit and book a collection up at the identical time
  • Competitive rating and custom quotes
  • CCTV installation on the market across the USA

Are you considering shopping for a brand new CCTV system? Or have you ever simply bought a CCTV system and currently you’re speculative the way to install it?

With the wireless home camera systems, wired security systems, including flexible installation options, offer numerous benefits. Two wireless securities solutions–fixed and wireless–are provided by Universitycommunications. Wireless safety cameras offer 24/7 coverage and must be plugged in to them. On the other hand, the wire-free systems include a particular DVR and wireless security cameras. Such cameras are battery powered and record only when movement is detected. These types of systems have the same standard features as wired systems such as HD quality, infrared night vision and motion sensor capabilities. Can also use DSSS technology to secure communications while reducing interference from disruptive wireless devices. DSSS technology also guarantees a secure connection.


Monitoring & Security

Wireless cameras are a perfect way to monitor your home and identify potential issues.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean safe–or private, just because your house is safer the films that these streaming video cameras collect.

“Your home is very private and wireless cameras can capture and send extremely sensitive data,” says Robert Richter, CR’s Privacy and Security Testing Program Manager. Our data protection and security tests evaluate the public documentation (e.g. privacy policies) of each model to find what the producer says about the way the manufacturer handles your data. “What we are testing is that we are testing those cameras for data protection and data privacy?” The checks include an analysis of the device and its accompanying mobile app’s user interface and network traffic.

Quality Reports

We also check video quality cameras, ease of use, smartphone notifications sensitive time, and smart apps.

Our video evaluations measure the images of a camera in good light, low light, and nil light (so you can be sure that the racket is the only thing that works again). We add different backlighting rates to every lighting scenario to test the cameras.

Our testers also search for a wide variety of intelligent characteristics including surveillance zones (which can focus warnings on image areas you designate, useful to monitor walking paths or miss a busy street), facial recognition (to spot familiar and unfamiliar people), voice control (with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri) and geofencing (which switches off your cameras as you come and go) All of these features are part of our exclusive smart IQ rating for intelligent home devices that you can use to find the smartest cameras.

For every model in our security camera ratings, all these test results can be combined for an overall score. Below, with models made by Amazon, Arlo, Nest, TP-Link, and Wyse we have selected the six best of those scores. All feature night vision, HD video, digital assistants, and bidirectional audio power.

Read on for the review of Consumer Reports ‘ best alphabetically listed wireless security cameras. CR members are also able to see our complete wireless security camera scores for the below models or for a deeper dive.

Take the effort out of putting in CCTV cameras with our skilled CCTV installation service.


"A Professional Job"

University Communications performed a professional job for our relocation to our new offices on our phone and computer network systems. We have been their client for over 3 years.

Jim – RSI Insurance

"Fair Prices, Great Skills"

We have been very satisfied with University Communications' fair prices and great technical and customer skills.

Mary – St. Martha’s Church

"New Upgraded VOIP System"

University Communications has been taking care of our phone systems from day one when we needed to buy an inexpensive system to our newly upgraded VOIP system.

Roger – Ultra Wheel