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Your network cabling needs have to never be taken gently. At Universitycommunications, established community cabling structures are extreme commercial enterprises. We’ve labored with hundreds of corporations, huge and small, to create customized wiring answers to fit your precise commercial enterprise wishes. Enjoy the benefits of an improved community cabling system that makes use of best the modern technology to make sure right bandwidth distribution and a smoother float of communication.

With Universitycommunications, you are assured of neat, organized, and simplified community cabling answers that meet your actual specs. Our technicians are educated for precision so network cabling works may have minimal impact on your business’ productivity. If you want element-orientated community cabling offerings and carefully planned, studied, and carried out network cabling initiatives, select Universitycommunications as your network cabling accomplice.

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Broad range of telecommunications solutions all under one roof!

As an employer, you want to make sure the cabling answers and network solutions you install location these days will preserve to ride the wave of innovation for the foreseeable future. With these days’ advances in era and growing bandwidth requirements, it’s miles critical to bear in mind the dynamics between network protocols, cabling device overall performance, and life-cycle expenses.

That’s why the University communications technique to all telecommunications tasks is to very well recognize and investigate the existing scenario earlier than supplying endorsed answers tailor-made to healthy not most effective your necessities and finances however your destiny desires as nicely.

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Researched & Tested

Expert telecommunication for businesses of all sizes.

Rapid advances in generation imply you need to make the great commercial enterprise decision based totally at the satisfactory of products, the extent of carrier, and the maximum reliable after-service care you may find. At Com-Net you can be assured that our client-centric philosophy and innovative product answers suggest your investment will deliver the pleasant, durability and reliability you are seeking out in a cabling answer or network solution.

We researched and tested over 30 small business telephone systems to provide you with the list of the top five our most recommended business telephones, whether you are opening a new office and need a telephone or are planning to upgrade your existing telephone system. A proven record of reliability is important to the manufacturer.
To buy and maintain a small business, you must be affordable.
It should be provided up to four or more telephone lines (landlines or VoIP).
Calls to mobile phones, free computers or mobile and home office workers can be moved.
You want a menu, voice mail, intercom, and music on hold.
For companies with big business and staff working at home or on the roads that need a network to connect multiple addresses, just call us to talk about what we recommend and configure.

Maintain Your Line

Benefits of our Telecommunication system

In most situations, if a corporation lasts longer than 3 to 5 years, the purchase of a local telephone network is cost-effective rather than cloud. You can’t make calls, validate voicemail, or even use the intercom if it’s down. And your Internet relies on your VoIP cloud. Not perfect! Not good! Not perfect! Not good!

With us, it’s the best stuff. You get the financial and ownership advantages of On-Premise with the easy monthly payment from Cloud, including:

1. How are you never going to pay for a cloud hosting company? Less costly Why spend constantly Buying a telephone system is always less expensive than renting it for good.

2. Control & Customize you have control. You can move to providers at any time easily or combine them. The monthly telephone service you want will be described. You can do

3. This is your program. Resilience When the Internet goes down, the phones continue to work. Maintain your trustworthy analog line, save to SIP or mix.

"A Professional Job"

University Communications performed a professional job for our relocation to our new offices on our phone and computer network systems. We have been their client for over 3 years.

Jim – RSI Insurance

"Fair Prices, Great Skills"

We have been very satisfied with University Communications' fair prices and great technical and customer skills.

Mary – St. Martha’s Church

"New Upgraded VOIP System"

University Communications has been taking care of our phone systems from day one when we needed to buy an inexpensive system to our newly upgraded VOIP system.

Roger – Ultra Wheel