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Home Security Camera System – Structured Voice & Data Cabling – Fiber Optics – Best Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

University Communications specializes in designing best outdoor security camera system and implementation of structured network cabling systems including data and voice cabling and fiber optic cable manufacturers and digital CCTV products and wireless home security cameras and commercial Wi-Fi security camera services, irrespective of number of devices or buildings within a campus/environment.



University Communications provides a wide array of advanced solutions for home security camera system and portable video surveillance system to meet the changing needs of various industries. Currently we represent a wide range of verticals, including, hotels, hospitals, institutes & schools, households, infrastructure and transport. As a best service provider for security camera installation London Ontario, we provide our customers with effective, secure, flexible and optimized security camera systems London Ontario.



University Communications provide a wide portfolio of products which has been deigned to meet customer’s unique requirements. It covers best home security system Ontario, best self-monitored home security system, top rated video security systems, remote property surveillance systems, commercial Wi-Fi security camera system, and wireless CCTV camera systems with recorder, hidden surveillance cameras wireless, fiber optic cables and many more.


Our Solutions

Zmodo wireless security camera system and home surveillance cameras wireless outdoor and indoor solutions are provided by University Communications to protect people, properties and assets. Through various motion sensor night vision security cameras, they guarantee safety, protection and efficiency and help make the world safer. Our advanced and top rated video security systems are used in different situations and cover a wide variety of facets.



  • One of the growing companies in best video surveillance cameras for home or workplaces and network cable installation with the goal of providing our customers with the best and quality services.
  • The focus of our business models is on long-term strategic relationships with our customers by combining high quality, cost-effectiveness and time consuming wireless CCTV camera systems with recorder.
  • We guarantee our customer cheap surveillance cameras Walmart for high quality and reliable service. After all, “our first priority is our customers”!!
  • We have a professional team dedicated to offering comprehensive security camera installation London Ontario. We train them in order to understand and maintain your needs throughout all the services we offer.
  • University Communications continues to invest in security camera installation companies to provide our team members with the best working environment and to better serve our customers.



Home security cameras Walmart are a vital investment in home protection. The latest wireless outdoor security cameras combine the convenience and advanced camera technology of any smart home device, so you always take a look at your own home. Our advanced and high-quality wireless alarm and camera system are designed to send alerts to your phone when it detects movement, records in HD quality even at night and resists any weather.



There are a few essential specifications to look for when choosing a security cameras and video surveillance systems in Ontario. If you’re leaning towards a monitored system, start by comparing providers and offers to pick the perfect one for your home.


Wireless v/s. Wired Security Cameras

It is easy to set up and reposition wireless security camera system, but you will want to periodically check the battery levels to ensure that they are completely operated. Some hidden surveillance cameras wireless with battery operation needs a small hole for the camera to be mounted outside. Certain devices for the wireless monitoring come with boiling-free and easy-to-remove adhesive installation equipment. Expert security camera installation and drilling may be required for wired security cameras to attach to a power supply to operate the safety camera recording system.


DIY v/s. Monitored

Using online portals and smart technologies, DIY home security systems with cameras can be cost-effective and handy. Nonetheless, consider some details. Most DIY devices do not link 24/7 monitoring networks automatically in order to keep you still safe. Some are funded in small quantities and may potentially be more expensive. Wireless home security systems regulated by leading home security companies in Toronto offer automated warning and facilities of emergencies even when you are traveling. Your home is always connected to a home security monitoring Toronto Company that monitors and efficiently manages your safety issues.


Benefits of Outdoor Security Cameras

There are a range of security and safety benefits of best wireless outdoor security camera. Whether it is an outdoor camera, video recorder, wireless alarm and camera system or other devices, the benefits are assured.


Convenient control

Today’s security cameras and video surveillance systems pair with mobile apps to control your security camera using your mobile device. If the sensor power is lost or motion is observed, you will automatically receive alerts. You can even view, record and review your video directly from your smartphone in real-time.


24/7, 365 Home Surveillance

Either day or night, even when you’re away, your best video surveillance cameras for home has been designed to monitor your home. It is able to detect and alert you to any action automatically.


Improved Safety

The best home nvr security camera system will automatically send you mobile warnings and record the activity to check if a motion is detected. Hidden home security cameras with audio are equipped with two-way audio to frighten intruders with the best security tools, it offers a Real-Time vision. Some fully home alarm monitoring Ontario security systems also notify the home alarm systems London Ontario for motion-driven activities of your security provider.



For Technical and Sales support, you can reach us on our Toll free no. 714.325.7673



For any type of support, query, you can write email us on g.medina.sr@gmail.com



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Structured Voice & Data Cabling – Phone & Voicemail – Fiber Optics – Digital CCTV – IP Cameras

University Communications is an IT infrastructure design and network cabling installation company.  We specialize in the sales, service, and installation of structured voice and data cabling systems, phone & voicemail solutions, voice and data integration, fiber optics cabling systems, digital CCTV products and IP Cameras and services.

University Communications has been in business since 1987.  We are experts in the telecommunications industry, always providing the best equipment, workmanship and service for over 25 years.

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